Why am I still seeing ads even after purchasing to remove ads?

If you have already purchased to remove ads, then you should not see any ads.

If you are still getting ads, please follow the steps below.

Some possible solutions:

1. Please go to the settings page, click on the ‘Ads Free‘ option and restart the app. This should solve the problem.

2. If you are still getting ads, please try to clear the app data in your phone settings and reopen the app.

3. Check if you are using two Google accounts in Play Store and verify which account you used to purchase and set it as the default purchase Google account. Then clear the data of   Torrent Pro app and it should resolve automatically.

Note: If you are seeing something like ‘Save Birds‘ or ‘Save Trees‘ etc., then please be aware that those are not ads, those are quotes.

If you are a paid user, then you will have an option in the settings to remove quotes.

If you are still getting ads, then please share screenshots of the app with ads at [email protected]

Please share your purchase order ID that you received at the time of purchase, so we can verify the status. Note: If your purchase is successful and active, then you will see a banner in the settings page as ‘Ads Free (Activated)‘ which means your purchase is active and you will not see any ads. You can also check the active subscriptions in Google Play Store in ‘Payment & Subscriptions > Budget & History‘. Here you will find all of your previous app purchases. So please check if your payment was successful or not.

If you are still facing any issue, please write to us at [email protected], so our team can resolve it as soon as possible.

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