Why can’t I download to SD card custom locations instead of app private folder?

Unfortunately, in recent versions, Google Play has restrictions on the ‘Write Storage Permission’ and starting from Nov-2021, apps targeting Android-11 and above can only access public storage folders (e.g., Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.). Therefore, any folders created outside of these locations cannot be used for downloading. If you want, you need to create sub-folders in the above-mentioned locations.

Moreover, SD card support was also removed due to Google Play Store restriction as stated above. According to Google, no apps should have access to SD cards from Nov-21 on wards (refer https://rb.gy/mleqvn). Only SD cards mounted as root can be detected.

Not Only Us, All apps will lose support to SD card from Nov-21 on wards after update, violating this leads to ban of app by google play store.

This affects not only us, but all apps will lose support for SD card from Nov-21 on wards after update. Violating this rule may lead to app ban by Google Play Store.

Hence, developers have no option to support all locations and SD cards anymore due to Google Play’s new rules and restrictions.

Note: However, as per our user concerns, we have created a separate build of ‘  Torrent Pro‘ for users which supports all folders like previous version. For that, you need to download our app from our official website instead of Google Play Store.

Download from https://torrentpro.qinfro.com

Then You Are Able To Download To All Folders

And if you are using the app from before 13 February 2022, then you need to uninstall the previous version of the app and install the app (direct download) from the website (this is due to signature change).

Then you will be able to download to all folders.

Note: Even though the app is up-to-date which is downloaded from our website, but Play Store will show an update in the Play Store. Don’t update from Play Store if you want to have access to all storage locations.

And if you are a purchased user, don’t worry even if you download from our website. Your purchase will be automatically verified.

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