Why is my torrent download speed very slow?

There are several factors that can affect your torrent download speed. Here are some common ones and how to fix them:

  1. Low number of seeders: Seeders are the users who share the file after they have downloaded it. The more seeders a torrent has, the faster it will download. Look for torrents with a high number of seeders.
  2. Low number of peers: Peers are the users who download and upload the file at the same time. The more peers a torrent has, the faster it will download. Look for torrents with a high number of peers.
  3. High number of leechers: Leechers are the users who download the file but do not share it. A torrent with a lot of leechers will have a lower download speed. Avoid torrents with a high number of leechers.
  4. Slow internet speed: Your internet connection may be the bottleneck of your download speed. Check for any Wi-Fi interference, update your torrent client to the latest version, and adjust your client’s speed settings to optimize your internet speed. (You can also test your internet speed at https://speedtest.net or https://openspeedtest.com)
  5. Not enough trackers: Trackers are the servers that help you find other users who have the file you want. Adding more trackers to your torrent client can increase your chances of finding more seeders and peers.
  6. Torrent not force-started: Sometimes, your torrent client may not start downloading a file right away. You can try force-starting the torrent to initiate the download process.
  7. Blocked by ISP: Your internet service provider (ISP) may be blocking torrent files or ports. You can check this by trying to download a torrent on another network. If it works, then your ISP is blocking you. To bypass this, you can change your port number or use a VPN.
  8. VPN: If you are using a VPN, make sure it has good speeds and supports torrenting. Some VPNs may slow down your connection or block torrent traffic.

You can download these sample videos to test your download speed:


Additionally, we have provided a unique feature called (Default Trackers & Server Tracker Update) which will update daily in our app and is enabled by default. This feature will give you more chances to get higher speeds than other torrent apps.

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