How to Find Out the Total and Active Seeds or Seeders for a Torrent ?

To check the total and active seeds or seeders of a torrent, you can use  Torrent Pro app. This app lets you download and stream torrents on your device. Here are the steps to follow:

– Open   Torrent Pro app and tap on the torrent file or video that you want to download or stream. This will take you to the details page of the torrent

– Swipe to the ‘STATE‘ tab on the details page. There you will see the ‘SEEDS‘ section, where it will show you the number of seeds or seeders that you are using and the total number of seeds or seeders available for the torrent. For example, it might say “Seeds: 5 (100)” which means that you are using 5 seeds out of 100 available.

– The higher  number of seeds or seeders, the better the download or streaming quality. You can also see other information on the ‘STATE‘ tab, such as the download speed, upload speed, progress, peers, trackers and more.

That’s how you can find out the total and active seeds or seeders for a torrent using   Torrent Pro app. Happy downloading and streaming!

Please see the image below for an example from our   Torrent Pro app.

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