I can’t activate my remove Ads purchase on other device ? 

If you have purchased the Remove Ads feature for the  Torrent Pro App on one device, you may want to use it on another device as well. Don’t worry, your subscription or purchase will be restored automatically. Here’s how:

Make sure that you use the same email ID that you used to download the  Torrent Pro App from the Play Store on your previous device. This email ID is linked to your purchase and will allow you to access the Remove Ads feature on any device.

On your new device, open the Play Store and select the same email ID before downloading the   Torrent Pro App. If you download the app with a different email ID, you will not be able to restore your purchase.

After downloading the app, launch it and enjoy the ad-free experience. You don’t need to do any additional steps to activate your purchase. It will happen automatically.

That’s it! You can now use the  Torrent Pro App without any ads on multiple devices with the same email ID. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team at

[email protected]

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